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U.S. Coast Guard Finance Center

Chapter 12 Section C - Travel and Transportation

General Instructions
Traveler Inquiries
Unique Situations
Doc Type:     Title Doc Type:     Title
11 15
11 15
11 17
12 17
13 17
14 17
14 17

Chapter 12 Section D - Purchases and Miscellaneous Document Types

Document Types

Doc Type:     Title Doc Type:     Title
19 Miscellaneous Obligations 31 Industrial Service Order - IMIS Users
20 Cash Purchases 31 Industrial Service Order - Non-IMIS Users
21 Procurement Request 32 Government Purchase Card
22 Purchase Order-Invoice-Voucher (SF-44) 32 Air Freight/Express Mail
23 Purchase Order/Delivery Order Contracts 32 Government Fleet Fuel CardUpdated
24 Contracts 33 Post Office Box Rental/Renewal
24 Option/Purchase of Real Property 33 Miscellaneous Costs
26 Dining Facility 33 Coast Guard Yard Project Order
27 Auxiliary Patrol Orders 33 Volpe National Transportation System Center (VNTSC)
28 Interservice Support Agreement (ISSA)/
Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR)
34 Reimbursable Work Authorization
28 UNICOR/Federal Prison Purchases 89 Interest Penalties
30 Training    
Chapter 12 Section E - Supply/Requisition Type Transactions
Overview How Accounting Data is Assigned
Descriptions To Establish MILSTRIP Fund Codes
Document Numbering from Z-MILSTRIP Requisition Format Reserved Fund Codes
MILSTRIP Fund Code Table Miscellaneous Items
Defense Transportation System Bill Processing
Doc Type:     Title Doc Type:     Title
35 Transfer Between Coast Guard Units 35 Defense Reutilization Marketing Office (DRMO) Hazardous Waste Bill
35 ARMS (MILSTRIP) 35 Into-Plane Fuel Bills
35 Miscellaneous "Z" Requisitions 35 Aviation Into-Plane Reimbursement (AIR) Cards
35 SERVMART - DD-1348 35 U.S. Customs Charges
35 GSA Customer Service 35 Defense Transportation Bills (Government Freight Shipments by Government Carriers)
    35 DESC Bunker Contract Fuel Purchases

Chapter 12 Section F - Printing and NIPS Medical Payments

Document Types
Doc Type:     Title Doc Type:     Title
37 Nonfederal Invoicing Processing System (NIPS) Medical Payment 37 Printing - GPO
37 Printing - DOD 37 Superintendent of Document Publications
37 Printing - GSA

Chapter 12 Section G - Recurring Services

Document Types

Doc Type:     Title Doc Type:     Title
38 Blanket Purchase Agreement 46 Utilities - Water
40 Real Property Leases 47 U.S. Government National Credit Card (SF-149)
40 Residential Leases 48 GSA Vehicle Billings
44 Utilities - Electric 49 Utilities - Natural Gas
45 Commercial Telephone Bill 51 Reimbursable Overtime

Chapter 12 Section H - Pay Type Transactions

Document Types
Doc Type:     Title Doc Type:     Title
70 Coast Guard Mutual Assistance  

Reserve Orders "Payroll"

Doc Type:     Title Doc Type:     Title
71 Reserve Orders "Payroll" IADT 71 Reserve Orders "Payroll" ADSW-RC > 180 Days
71 Reserve Orders "Payroll" ADSW-AC > 180 Days 71 Reserve Orders "Payroll" Involuntary Active Duty (Contingency Recall)
72 Reserve Orders "Payroll" ADSW-AC <= 180 Days 72 Reserve Orders "Payroll" Other Training Duty
72 Reserve Orders "Payroll" ADSW-RC <= 180 Days 72 Reserve Orders "Payroll" Reimbursable by Other Agencies
72 Reserve Orders "Payroll" Active Duty Annual Training
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