T-PAX Audit Request Status Inquiry
This application allows viewing of T-PAX Audit Request Status.
Audit data contained in this system is maintained for 60 days after the COMPLETE date. Contact the Pay & Personnel Center, Customer Care Branch (CCB) if you need assistance with a T-PAX Audit Request. Include your Name, SSN/Emplid, TONO, and Travel Dates when corresponding with PPC (CCB). A response will be provided as quickly as possible.
Enter your Social Security Number (SSN) and Last Name in the field below. If the audit request record you are looking for is not listed in the query results, your claim has not yet been selected for audit. Please try again tomorrow. (Please allow 10 days mail processing time for audited packages to be listed as received.)
Audit Request data contained in this system is updated daily.
Important Note: Only data available from requests made on or after May 1, 2006!
If you have questions regarding an audit request package claim submitted after May 1, 2006, please contact the Pay & Personnel Center, Customer Care Branch (CCB) in Topeka, KS, by phone, between the hours of 0700-1600 (Central time) Monday-Friday, at 785-339-2200 or 1-866-PPC-USCG (772-8724) or by completing the on-line trouble ticket form located on the following link: http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/ccb/. Please ensure you include the TONO, dates traveled, EMPLID and a description in your inquiry.

Do not include spaces or hyphens(-) in the Social
Security Number, example "123456789".


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